Inaugural Workshop for NETamil


In March 2014 a new project in the domain of Classical Tamil will be launched in the Pondicherry centre of the EFEO under the acronym of NETamil, the full title being "Going from Hand to Hand: Networks of Intellectual Exchange in the Tamil Learned Traditions". The undertaking will be financed with 2.5 million Euros over a period of five years by the European Research Council, via an ERC Advanced Grant won by Eva Wilden for her research on classical Tamil literature. An international team of 25 members will finalise the digitisation of classical Tamil manuscripts begun over ten years back by the project Caṅkam. Besides detailed documentation of the remaining witnesses and the continuation of critically re-editing the classical corpus, the aim will be an in-depth study of transmissional history and intellectual tradition, that is, the communities who handed over the various texts from generation to generation and thus ensured their survival. One part of the project will be hosted by the Centre for the Study of Manuscript Cultures at the University of Hamburg (, the other part by the EFEO.
An important Indian partner institution will be the Central University of Tamil Nadu in Tiruvārūr.
The inaugurating workshop will take place in Pondy from March 10-14. The programme will comprise:
1. Presentation of the general framework and the materials already available
2. Presentation and discussion of digital tools existing and to be developed
3. Distribution of materials and tasks
4. Presentation of the various sub-projects and discussion of their interrelation

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