Catherine Scheer

Organisation de conférences et table ronde:
• avec Giuseppe Bolotta, R. Michael Feener et Philip Fountain: Charitable Faiths? NGOs and Religion in Asia, International Conference, CURA, Boston University, 15 mai 2017.
• avec Nurfadzilah Yahaya, Giuseppe Bolotta et Amelia Fauzia: How to Study Religion in Times of Crisis?, Roundtable, Asia Research Institute / NUS, 28 juin 2016.
• avec R. Michael Feener et Philip Fountain: The Mission of Development: Religion and Techno- Politics in Asia, International Conference, Asia Research Institute / NUS, 3-4 décember 2015.
Communications dans le cadre de conférences internationales:
• Missionaries of multilingual éducation : Christian experts, UNESCO guidelines and Cambodian policies, "Religion in the age of development" conférence, Asia Research Institute/NUS, 8 juin 2018.
• Christian policy-shapers at the UN: Building networks through multi-lingual education in Southeast Asia, Charitable Faiths? "NGOs and Religion in Asia" conférence, CURA, Boston University, 15 mai 2017.
• An anthropological perspective on spheres of ideologies in relation to indigenous languages in Cambodia & Southeast Asia, Socio-Linguistics of Endangered Languages: Profiles, Post-Vernacularity and Revitalization, LED-TDR Workshop, Université de Lyon, 19 avril 2017.
• What's the value of the mother tongue? Reflections on the production of a ‘moral economy' in international policy-making, Biennial EASA Conférence, University of Milano-Bicocca, 20 juillet 2016.
• (avec R. Michael Feener) Introduction to "The Mission of Development: Religion and Techno-Politics in Asia" conference, Asia Research Institute/NUS, 3 décembre 2015.
• Being a "Real" Bunong and a "Good" Protestant: Identity Challenges Among a Christian "Indigenous Minority" in Cambodia's Highlands, Conférence "Social Anthropology and Global Transformations", Swiss Society of Ethnology, University of Basel, 1 novembre 2014.
• "New Life" in an Emerging Market Economy: Moral issues Among Cambodia's Highland Protestants, Conference "Emerging Moral Economies: Exploring the Symbolic and Material Dimensions of ‘New Religiosities'", IISMM - EHESS, Paris, 13 juin 2014.
• Redefining "Old Life » as a Protestant Bunong: On the Influence of Indigeneity on a Pluri-religious Commune in the Cambodian Highlands, 7th EUROSEAS Conférence, School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Lisbon, 3 juillet 2013.
• Defining "Indigenous Minorities" in Cambodia: Where International Rhetoric and Ethno-Nationalist Legacy Intersect, Fifth Annual Khmer Studies Forum "Cambodian Identity", Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Ohio University, 15 mars 2013.
• ‘Chä' Varman VII, Grandfather of the Bunong, a ‘Minority' Perspective on Cambodian History, Cambodia Studies Conference "Imagining Cambodia", Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Northern Illinois University, 14 septembre 2012.
• Minorités montagnardes, Phnongs, Proto-Khmers: Réflexion sur les apports des études khmères pour une anthropologie des populations des marges du Cambodge, Conference "Quelle(s) science(s) pour le pays khmer? Approches empiriques et théoriques", AEFEK, CASE, INALCO, Paris, 26 novembre 2011.
• When the Spirits Are Angry, God Gains in Popularity, Conference "Religion et économie dans un monde global", International Society of Sociology of Religions, Institut d'Études Politiques, Aix-en- Provence, 3 juillet 2011.
• Baptisms of Fire: The Second Indochina War and the Spread of Christianity in the Cambodian Highlands, Conference "Cambodia in World History/World History and Cambodia", Pannasastra University, Phnom Penh, 3 janvier 2010.

Catherine Scheer
Catherine Scheer

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