Daoism RHS

道教研究學報: 宗教,歷史與社會

Daoism: Religion, History and Society

No. 8, 2016

Daoism: Religion, History and Society (Daoism RHS) is a peer-reviewed international journal dedicated to the publication of original research articles exploring Daoism in its social and historical contexts from the pre-modern to the contemporary period. The journal encourages innovative research based on new documents and/or fieldwork. Projects of guest-edited issues, book review are also welcome. Resolutely bilingual English-Chinese, each issue will have articles in both languages, with an abstract in the other language. Contributions may be submitted all year round and should follow the format (including body text, notes and references) of Daoism RHS. Manuscripts simultaneously submitted to other publications will not be accepted.

Journal Directors 學報總監
Verellen, Franciscus 傅飛嵐, Ecole Française d'Extrême-Orient, Paris
Lai, Chi Tim 黎志添, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Editorial Committee 編輯委員
Chief Editor: Lai, Chi Tim 黎志添,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Co-editor: Goossaert, Vincent 高萬桑,
Groupe Sociétés, Religions, Laïcités (CNRS-EPRS), Paris

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Daoist Lives: Narrative and Practice

  • Preface 前言
    Franciscus Verellen and Vincent Goossaert

道門生活敘述 Daoist Narratives

  • Stephen R. Bokenkamp                                                                                                            Sisters of the Blood: The Lives behind the Xie Ziran Biography
  • Mark Meulenbeld                                                                                                                        Daoist Modes of Perception: "Registering" the Living Manifestations of Sire Thunder, and Why Zhuang Zi is Relevant
  • Wilt L. Idema                                                                                                                              Narrative daoqing, the Legend of Han Xiangzi, and the Good Life in the Han Xiangzi jiudu Wengong daoqing quanben

道門生活敘述 Daoist Narratives

  • Terry Kleeman                                                                                                                            Cultivating Conduct and Establishing Merit: Pursuing the Good Life in Early Daoism
  • Franciscus Verellen                                                                                                                         Lu Xiujing (406-477) on Daoist Practice: Ten Lessons in The Way and its Virtue
  • Yuria Mori                                                                                                                                       Tracing Back Wang Changyue's Precepts for Novices in the History of Daoism
  • Brigitte Baptandier                                                                                                                           Writing as a Threshold between the Worlds: Glyphomancy in China

Book Reviews 書評

  • James A. Benn / Demonic Warfare: Daoism, Territorial Networks, and the History of a Ming Novel, by Mark R. E. Meulenbeld
  • Adeline Herrou / Quanzhen Daoists in Chinese Society and Culture, 1500-2010, edited by Xun Liu and Vincent Goossaert
  • 張鵬 / 柏夷著,《道教研究論集》
  • 曹凌 / 姜守誠著,《出土文獻與早期道教》

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Les scolastiques indiennes : Genèses, développements, interactions, Émilie Aussant et Gérard Colas (éd.), Études thématiques 32, Paris, EFEO, 2020, 326 pages.

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Mise en ligne de ''Histoire, Archéologie, Société. Conférences académiques franco-chinoises''
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