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2011-10-24 France, Paris

EFEO Seminar

Michael Falser, Heidelberg University, on: "Restaging Angkor Vat in Europe. Plaster Casts as a Colonial Tool for the Appropriation and Translation of Cultural Heritage" READ MORE

2011-10-19 USA, San Francisco

The Friends of the EFEO, a California non-profit public benefit corporation, is launched in San Francisco on October 19, on the occasion of the performance by the Bordeaux String Quartet of the Quatuor Garonne and Partitas Romanes by Odile Perceau, in the presence of the composer, the consul general of France in San Francisco, Romain Serman, and the director of the EFEO, Franciscus Verellen.

2011-10-06 PRC, Hong Kong

Lecture on the temples of Peking

Lecture by Marianne Bujard on: « Temples of Peking: Their written and oral history ». READ MORE

2011-09-29 France, Paris

Lecture on Hanoi in the light od archaeological excavations

Lecture by Professor Phan Huy Lê, President of the Vietnamese Historians' Association, on the topic "L'histoire millénaire de Thang Long-Hanoi à la lumière des fouilles archéologiques réalisées en 2002 [A thousand years of the history of Thang Long-Hanoi in the light of archaeological excavations carried out in 2002]." READ MORE

The network of EFEO centres across Asia
The network of EFEO centres across Asia
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