The French School of Asian Studies conducts research on the classical civilizations of Asia through the humanities and the social sciences, spanning from India to China, Japan and includes all of Southeast Asia, thus encompassing most of the societies that have fallen under Indian or Chinese influence in the course of history. The EFEO's centres and branch offices in Asia are base for a nexus of leading (local and international) scholars in Asian Studies. Its multidisciplinary and comparative research brings together specialists in disciplines such as anthropology, archaeology, history, philology and the study of religions. Since members of its academic staff are regularly in Asia for their fieldwork, the EFEO's activity obviously covers contemporary world issues.

International Conference
Online, 01 May 2021
Attend the International Conference on the 'Daozang jiyao' and Daoism in the Ming and Qing Dynasty with the 'Celebration of the Companion to the Essentials of the Daoist Canon' Publication organized by the Centre for Studies of Daoist Culture, CUHK and the EFEO Centre in Hong Kong on Zoom!

Kyoto lectures
Online, 23 April 2021

Bettina Gramlich-Oka (Sophia-Tokyo University) presents: "Studying Women and Networks in the Late Tokugawa Period: The Case of the Rai Family" as part of the Kyoto lectures.

📅 on April 23 at 6 p.m. (Kyoto time) on Zoom
36th Seoul Colloquium in Korea Studies
Online, 22 April 2021
Maël Bellec, curator of Chinese and Korean art at the Cernuschi Museum in Paris, will talk on "Korean artists in France: Why they went there and what they did there" at the XXXVIth Seoul Colloquium in Korea Studies, organized by the EFEO Center in Seoul and the Royal Asiatic Society Korea
📅 on April 22 at 6 p.m. (Seoul time) on zoom
Paris EFEO Seminar
Online, 12 April 2021
Guillaume Dutournier (EFEO) speaks on: "Logiques d'inventaire. Réflexions sur la trajectoire patrimoniale chinoise de l'antiquarianisme lettré à l'effervescence folkloriste actuelle" [Logics of Inventory. Reflections on the Chinese heritage trajectory from literate antiquarianism to the current folklorist effervescence].

From 10.30am to 12pm. The conference will take place online upon prior registration.

Once registered you will receive the elements to log in (seminar link and password). READ MORE
XXXVth Seoul Colloquium in Korean Studies
Online, 25 March 2021
The XXXVth Seoul Colloquium in Korean Studies is organized by the EFEO Center in Seoul in collaboration with the Royal Asiatic Society. It is led by Jérémie Eyssette, assistant at Chosun University, Kwangju, on the theme: "Instrumentalizing Cartographic Voids and Visions in Neo-Confucian Chosŏn and Renaissance France (15th-16th centuries)".

Thursday, March 25, at 6 pm. Register at the EFEO Center. The seminar will take place online.Learn more.

Legend: Recens et integra orbis descriptio (51 x 57 cm), Oronce Fine, 1536. Reproduced with the permission of the BNF, Cartes et Plans, Res. Ge DD 2987 (63).