Phnom Penh Seminar

Seminar series jointly organized by EFEO and the Cambodian National Museum (CNM) at the Phnom Penh Royal Fine Arts University


Photographic exhibition ''Louis Finot et le Yunnan''
Paris, France,

The photographic exhibition "Louis Finot et le Yunnan" is installed on the first floor of the EFEO until the end of December 2022.
Some fifty photographs present the trip that Louis Finot probably undertook in the 1920s to Yunnan fou (now Kunming). These photographs are a selection of those presented by Alain Arrault in the photographic album Mémoires de Chine (EFEO/Magellan, 2022).
The writing of Mémoires de Chine also allowed to provide information on the 850 stereoscopic glass plates of the Louis Finot collection taken in China. These pictures have just been put online on the photo library website.
New Publication

The Sumatipañjikā. A Commentary on Cāndravyākaraṇavṛtti 1.1 and 1.4Ramhari Timalsina, Collection Indologie 153,  Pondichéry : EFEO / IFP, 446 pages.

New Publication
Paris, France, 31 October 2022
- The Maison de l'Asie library will be closed to the public on Monday 31 October 2022
- The Maison de l'Asie, and therefore the library, will be closed on Tuesday 1 and Friday 11 November 2022
Visit of the Director to Cambodia
Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 28 October 2022
Nicolas Fiévé, Director of the EFEO, is in Cambodia to meet with the Cambodian authorities and the EFEO's main scientific partners in Cambodia.