The issue number 45 of the Pattrika newsletter, bulletin of the French research institutes in India (IFP, CSH, EFEO), can be downloaded by clicking the link below:

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The Pondicherry centre
Head: Dominic Goodall

École française d'Extrême-Orient
16-19 rue Dumas
605 001 Pondicherry, India

Tel: +91 413 233 45 39
Fax: +91 413 233 08 86

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News from the Pondicherry centre
Defence of the thesis of Jung Lan Bang on the Tantrasadbhāva
28 MAY 18 Jung Lan Bang defended her thesis magna cum laude at the University of Hamburg on 28th May 2018. Thanks to an EFEO scholarship, she was able to benefit from the Pondicherry Centre  ... Read more
Publication of a translation of the Perumāḷ Tirumoḻi of Kulacēkara Āḻvār
24 APRIL 18 This book is a complete annotated translation of a 9th-century Tamil bhakti poetic work known as the Perumāḷ Tirumoḻi, by Kulacēkara Āḻvār, as well as of its medieval  ... Read more
Publication of the 3rd volume of the Sūkṣmāgama
23 APRIL 18 Sūkṣmāgama. Volume III. Chapters 54 to 85.Critical edition: S. Sambandhaśivācārya, B. Dagens, M.-L. Barazer-Billoret and T. Ganesan with the collaboration of J.-M.  ... Read more
Conference on Consecration Rituals in South Asia
Norway, Trondheim, 19 October 2012
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Lectures by Dominic Goodall and S.A.S. Sarma on: "On Image-installation Rites (linga-pratishtha) in the Early Mantramarga" and "The Re-installation of Damaged Idols, with special reference to the ritual literature of Kerala". READ MORE
Classical Tamil Summer Seminar
India, Pondicherry, 06 August 2012
The Tenth Classical Tamil Summer Seminar is taking place from the 6th to the 31st August at the Centre of the EFEO in Pondicherry. READ MORE
Lectures on palm-leaf manuscripts and Caṅkam texts
India, Chennai, 21 July 2012
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Eva Wilden and Jean-Luc Chevillard give a twin lecture at the Roja Muthiah Research Library in Chennai. READ MORE
Lecture by Leslie Or on royal eulogies
France, Paris, 29 May 2012
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Leslie Orr is talking on : "Constructing histories: Dynastic representations in royal eulogies" . READ MORE
Colloquia, workshops, etc.
France, Paris, 29 May 2012
Défilé royal [Royal Procession], a joint EPHE-CEIAS-EFEO workshop has been organized by Charlotte Schmid, on Tuesday, May 29, 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. READ MORE