The Kyoto Centre, Japan

Head : Martin Nogueira Ramos
École française d'Extrême-Orient
Kitashirakawa bettô-chô 29, Sakyô-ku
606-8276 Kyoto, Japan
Tel: +81 75 701 0882 Fax: +81 75 701 0883
〒606-8276 京都市左京区北白川別当町29

Established in 1966, the EFEO's Kyoto Center, currently directed by Martin Nogueira Ramos was given the mission of the development and promotion of research on ancient and modern Japan in the humanities and social sciences. As a research institute, the Center holds a library of more than 10 000 works on Asian religions, especially Buddhism and Taoism. This collection was enhanced in 1984 with the integration of the library of Etienne Lamotte, and later by collections from the former heads of the Center Anna Seidel and Hubert Durt. The Center regularly welcomes students and scholars sponsored by the European ECAF Consortium.

The Center for many years assumed the responsability for the compilation of the Hobogirin encyclopedia of Buddhism based on Chinese and Japanese sources that was started in 1926 by Sylvain Lévy and Paul Demiéville in cooperation with the Japanese Academy.

Since 2003, the EFEO's Kyoto Center has worked in partnership with the Research Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences (Jinbun Kagaku Kenkyujo) of the University of Kyoto. The members of the EFEO serve as Visiting Professors at the University of Kyoto where they provide a research seminar. The Center focuses on developing European research on Japan in the domains of history, architecture, philology, archaeology, and religious studies. In 2009 EFEO's partnership with the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Kyoto widened to include the member institutions of the ECAF Consortium. An agreement on academic cooperation links the Center with Waseda University (Institutes of Asian, European, and Japanese Studies). The EFEO Center also works in partnerships with the Italian School of East Asian Studies (ISEAS ), the University of Kyoto kôgei sen.i, the Universities of Ôsaka, Hiroshima, and Keiô, Sophia University in Tôkyô, the National University of Ochanomizu (Tôkyô), and the Institut Franco-Japonais du Kansai (IFJK).

Since 2002, the Center has hosted monthly lectures on Japanese and Chinese studies, jointly organized with ISEAS. A forum for scholarly exchange, the EFEO and ISEAS Centers, which are located in the same building, offer training events for French and international research students and jointly host visiting scholars from ECAF and other institutions.

The Centre edits the bilingual journal Cahiers d'Extrême-Asie in French and English. Since its creation in 1985, on the initiative of Anna Seidel, this annual periodical specializes in East Asian cultural and religious studies. It plays a major role in disseminating French and international research in these areas.

The Kyoto centre
Head: Martin Nogueira Ramos

École française d'Extrême-Orient
Kitashirakawa bettô-chô 29, Sakyô-ku
606-8276 Kyoto
Tel: +81 75 701 0882
Fax: +81 75 701 0883
〒606-8276 京都市左京区北白川別当町29

〒606-8276 京都市左京区北白川別当町29

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Japan, Kyoto, 28 May 2013
Lecture by Nissim Otmazgin (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) on the topic "Stories for the Nation: Rewriting History in Manga." READ MORE
Kyoto Lectures
Japan, Kyoto, 27 February 2013
Lecture by Kacem Zoughari on the topic "The Transmission's Modes in Japanese Classical Fighting Art: A Study on Transmission Documents (densho)." READ MORE
Kyoto Lectures
Japan, Kyoto, 23 January 2013
Lecture by Anna Andreeva (University of Heidelberg) on the topic "Assembling Shinto: Buddhist approaches to kami worship in Medieval Japan."
Kyoto Lectures
Japan, Kyoto, 19 December 2012
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Mark Ravina (Emory University, Atlanta) is giving a talk on "Nationalism and National Currency: Political Imagery in the early Meiji Era." . READ MORE
Kyoto Lectures
Japan, Kyoto, 13 November 2012
Lecture by Vincent Giraud on « Decentering Existence: Nishitani and Augustine ». READ MORE