Jacques Leider


Since 1995, Jacques Leider's research includes the following areas of historical research:

  • Political, military and cultural history of the pre-colonial kingdom of Arakan (Mrauk kingdom, 15th-18th c.CE)
  • Culture and commerce in the Bay of Bengal during the early modern period
  • Historiography and history of Buddhism in Myanmar and Arakan (Rakhine) 
  • Diplomacy, religion and politics under the Konbaung dynasty (Myanmar, 1752-1885)
  • The rise of nationalisms and the origins of ethno-religious violence in the borderlands of Myanmar and Bangladesh since the colonial period 

Jacques Leider has initiated the digitization of manuscripts of Rakhine historiography and a database of Rakhine stone inscriptions (work in progress) .

Jacques Leider
Jacques Leider

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