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Classical Tamil Winter School 2020
A very special CTWS this year. From Monday, 10th of February to Friday 6th of March 2020 we will assemble in the Pondicherry centre of the EFEO for a month of intensive reading of the Puṟanāṉūṟu, based on the draft critical edition Professor G. Vijayavenugopal, based on a collation of the editions and of 15 manuscripts. The primary goal will be to assess the evidence and develop and discuss strategies for establishing what ought to be the main text, all the while furthering our understanding of the way another important old anonymous commentator argues and in particular how he treats semantics and “historical” detail.

Students of intermediate level are also welcome, but this year’s formula will not cater to the needs of beginners. Newcomers are advised rather to consider the introductory courses, now taking place with a certain regularity, at the Asia-Africa Institute of Hamburg University.
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