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R. Sathyanarayanan in Italy
In October, R. Sathyanarayanan has been travelling to Italy. He was first invited to the Gitananda Āśram (Monastery) in Altare, where he gave lectures on the liturgical stotras of the Śaiva Siddhānta, as well as on South Indian Śaiva manuscripts and their importance for the study of Śaivism in the workshop on Śaivasiddhānta that took place from the 13th to the 15th October. Then, on the 17th, he has been invited to Rome to make a presentation titled: "Achieving the Eternal Life (mokṣa) Based on Śaiva Doctrines and Practices", on the occasion of the Hindu-Christian Congress Enlightenment and Tantra held at the Pontifical Gregorian University. Finally, on the 18th, he spoke about the Hindu conception of giving (dāna) in the Inter-religious dialogue held at the Indian Embassy in Rome. This last meeting was co-organised by the Italian Hindu Union.