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Nouvelle publication: Buddhist Narrative in Asia and beyond, 2 volumes edités par Peter Skilling & Justin McDaniel
08 MARS 13
Publication des actes du congrès international 'Buddhist Narrative in Asia and Beyond", à Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, du 8 au 11 août 2010, édités par Peter Skilling & Justin McDaniel.
Bangkok: Chulalongkorn University. 
   Contents Vol. 1
Introduction: Thoughts on Buddhist Narrative by Peter
A Case for Celibacy: The Sudinna Tale in the Pali Vinaya and
Its Interpretation by AchimBayer
Formation of Andhran Buddhist Narrative: A Preliminary
Survey by Akira Shimada
Narrative and Gift-giving in Thai Anisarnsa Texts by Arthid
Once Upon In Ratnasikhin Buddha's Lifetime: Legends of
Ratnasikhin Buddha in India and Beyond by Chanwit Tudkeao
Representation of the Buddha's ParinirvaQa in the
Cetiyagharas at Kizil, Kucha by Chongfengli
Narratives as Ritual Histories: The Case of the
Northern-Thai Buddhist Chronicles by Fran~ois Lagirarde
Buddhist Mythology and Japanese Medieval Mythology: Some
Theoretical Issues by lyanaga Nobumi
The Rise of Alaungmintaya, King of Myanmar (1752-60):
Buddhist Constituents of a Political Metamorphosis by Jacques P. Leider
Jataka Narratives in Buddhist Preaching and Their Contested
Popular Imagination in Sri Lanka by Mahinda Deegalle
Mandhatar, the Universal Monarch, and the Meaning of
Representations of the Cakravartin in the Amaravati School, and of the Kings on
the Kanaganahalli Stopa by Monika Zin
Continuity or Chaos? Karma and Rebirth in early Buddhist and
Jain Narrative by Naomi Appleton
'Journeys to Jetavana': Poetic and Ideological Elaborations
of the Remembrance of Jetavana in Southeast Asia by Olivier de Bernon
Contents Vol. 2
Introduction: From lndra to Horse Barley by Justin McDaniel
The Story of Sadaprarudita in the A
Prajfiaparamita Siltra and its Contribution to the Study of Early Mahayana
Buddhism by ChangTzu
The Buddha's Eating of Horse-Fodder Barley in the
Millasarvastivadin Vinaya by ChongdokC.H.Park
Narratives of Travel and Shipwreck by Himanshu Prabha Ray
Dana of One's Own Body and Dana Perfection (Paramita) in the
Vessantara Jataka by Hwang Soonil
Defining the Narrative in Pala Dynasty Prajfiaparamita
Palm-leaf Manuscript Painting by John Guy
In Search of Maitreya: Early Images of Dvaravati Buddha at
Si Thep by M.L. Pattaratorn Chirapravati
Tamnan Phra Chao Liap Lake (The Legend of the Buddha's
Travels Around the World): Lan Na Monastic Wisdom by Prakong Nimmanahaeminda
Two Popular Buddhist Images in Thailand by ToshiyaUnebe