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Jacques Leider @ AAS, Washington, D.C.
22 MARS 18
Jacques Leider a participé à la conférence annuelle de l'AAS (Association for Asian Studies), Washington, D.C., 22-25 mars 2018. Il a contribué en particulière, 23 mars, lors d'une session intitulée "The Rohingya Question," avec David Steinberg, Francis Wade, Magnus Fiskesjo, Tharaphi Than et Matrii Aung Thwin.

The Rohingya Question:
"Since the 25th of August 2017, more than half a million Rohingya refugees have fled Myanmar to Bangladesh to escape actions various international leaders and bodies are describing as a state-sanctioned "ethnic cleansing" drive and has been called by some a "genocide" in the making. This special AAS panel will bring together a group of experts with backgrounds in the fields of history, anthropology, law and journalism to critically discuss the genesis and construction of Rohingya ethnic claims, and to exam1ne whether the Rohingya are currently subject to deliberate killings in Rakhine State and assess the general human rights situation in that part of Myanmar."

PANELISTS INCLUDE: Matrii Aung Thwin (Moderator), Associate Professor, National University of Singapore; David Steinberg, Professor, Georgetown University; Magnus Fiskesjo, Associate Professor, Cornell University; Francis Wade, Freelance Journalist; Jacques Leider, Professor, Ecole française d'Extreme-Orient; Tharaphi Than, Professor, Northern Illinios University.