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C. Pottier @ l'APSARA à Siem Reap
Christophe Pottier se rendra à Siem reap du 29 novembre au 4 décembre.Il donnera lundi 30 novembre au siège de l'APSARA, une présentation intitulée: "Recent MAFKATA archaeological campaigns in the area of Baray Toek Thla." Il participera à la 25eme session technique et à la 22eme session plénière du CIC-Angkor les 2 et 3 décembre.

Since 2000, the main objective of the MAFKATA archaeological project is to improve our understanding of the early periods of the urbanism in the region of Angkor. The MAFKATA (Mission Franco-Khmère pour l'Aménagement du Territoire Angkorien), a collaboration of EFEO and APSARA, conducted a series of excavation campaigns both in the region of Roluos and in the area of Baray Toek Thla. In 2013 and 2015 in particular, 4 new sites has been investigated: Poy Ta Chap, Prasat Ta Seng, Kok Bœng Kandal and Kok Ta Pok, all of them located near the western bank of the baray. The presentation will introduce the main results of this research. It will also show how it contributes to a better knowledge of the layout of ancient temples, human settlements and hydraulic features from the 7th century to the 11th century.