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"Before Siam. Essays in Art and Archaeology" Revire & Murphy éd.
Parution de l'ouvrage "Before Siam. Essays in Art and Archaeology" édité par Nicolas Revire & Stephen A. Murphy, publié par River Books & The Siam Society.ISBN: 978 616 7339 41 2

Foreword by the President of the Siam Society 6
Preface by Chris Baker 7
Acknowledgements 10
Technical Notes 11
Map of Thailand 13
Prologue 11
What There Was before Siam: Traditional Views Hiram Woodward 14
Part I: Transitions from Late Prehistory to Early History 30
Reconsidering the Palaeo-shoreline in the Lower Central Plain of Thailand 32
Trongjai Hutangkura The Early Development of Coastal Polities in the Upper Thai-Malay Peninsula 68
Bérénice Bellina et al. An Early Northwest Indian Decorated Bronze Bowl from Khao Sam Kaeo 90
Ian C. Glover & Shahnaj Husne Jahan Contacts between the Upper Thai-Malay Peninsula and the Mediterranean World 98
Brigitte Borell et al. Phromthin Tai: An Archaeological Perspective on Its Societal Transition Thanik Lertcharnrit 118
Part II: The Growing Emergence of Indic Material Culture 132
Multi-religious Linkages across the Bay of Bengal during the First Millennium CE 134
Himansh u Prabha Ray Conch-on-hip Images in Peninsular Thailand and Early Vaiṣṇava Sculpture in Southeast Asia 152
Paul A. Lavy New Evidence of Early Brahmanical Vestiges in Pattani Province 174
Wannasarn Noonsuk Pre-Angkorian Communities in the Middle Mekong Valley (Laos and Adjacent Areas) 188
Michel Lorrillard Sampanago: “City of Serpents” and Muttama (Martaban) 216
Elizabeth H. Moore & San Win Part III: Early Buddhist Practices, Landscapes and Artefacts 238
Glimpses of Buddhist Practices and Rituals in Dvāravatī and Its Neighbouring Cultures 240
Nicolas Revire Dvāravatī Cakras: Questions of Their Significance Pinna Indorf 272
The Skeletons of Phong Tuek: Human Remains in Dvāravatī Ritual Contexts Wesley Clarke 310
Monuments and Identity at the Dvāravatī Town of Kamphaeng Saen Matthew D. Gallon 330
Sema Stones in Lower Myanmar and Northeast Thailand: A Comparison Steph en A. Murph y 352
Part IV: Later Khmer Impetus 372
Tantric Buddhism at Prasat Hin Phimai: A New Reading of Its Iconographic Message Pia Conti 374
The Organisation of Space in Pre-modern Thailand under Jayavarman VII 396
Hedwige Multzer o’Naghten Contributors 420
General Index 422