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Ceremony at the National Museum of Cambodia
Ceremony at the National Museum of Cambodia

On June 18, the ceremony commemorating the 75th anniversary of the disappearance of its founder George Groslier was held at the National Museum of Cambodia.

"George Groslier was born on 4 February 1887 in Cambodia. He was a well-known artist, author, archaeologist, historian and art historian about Cambodia. He spent his whole life studying Khmer culture and civilization, especially history, history of art, archaeology and Khmer classical dance.  publishing numerous books and articles that are still useful and relevant to research about Cambodia today. Additionally, Groslier was the founder of the National Museum of Cambodia which was a place both for training Khmer students in artistic skills and for preserving Khmer antiquities. He held the post of director of the National Museum,  originally named Musée Albert Sarraut, for almost three decades until his death on 18 June  1945 during the Japanese occupation of Cambodia. A year later, on 4 October  1946, the road in front of the National Museum was named as the "rue Groslier" to commemorate his devotion to Cambodia in a ceremony presided over by His Majesty King Norodom Sihanouk and other important guests such as H.E Penn Nouth, Governor of the City of Phnom Penh, M. Pénavaire, Commissioner of the French Republic in Cambodia and other officials, and notably also by his son, Bernard-Philippe Groslier who also became a well-known archaeologist and was Curator of Angkor Monuments from 1960 until 1975."

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