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Conference: Reconstructing past disasters. The great eruption of Samalas volcano in 1257
By Franck Lavigne (Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University)
Lecture series "Man, territories and societies" - EFEO/IFI
Where : IFI - Jl Thamrin No.20 Jakarta PusatWhen : Thursday, February the 16th - 18.00 - 19.00
Thirty years ago, glaciologists identified in the polar ice cores a sulphate peak much higher than any other, dated around 1257 AD. This peak is the result of a major eruption that has had climatic repercussions on a global scale, but the source of this volcanic event has remained unknown for a long time. the volcano responsible of this major eruption is the Samalas, located in the Rinjani massif on the island of Lombok. Reconstruction of this eruption by our multidisciplinary team confirmed that it was one of the most violent in history. Three main explosions produced pumice fallout up to 2.5m thick, while the successive collapse of the 40 km high eruptive column generated pyroclastic density currents (awan panas) which covered the island under several tens of meters of pumice. This eruption is also described in local legends engraved on palm leaves (lontar). We learn from the local written sources, especially the Babad Lombok, that this eruption destroyed the capital of the lost kingdom of Pamatan, which remains buried under the deposits somewhere on the island. The conference describes the research carried out by our team, from its inception to ongoing work to better understand the local, regional and global impacts of this eruption.