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Lecture series : Man, territories and societies
When we
talk about international cooperation, we often think of political, military or
economic agreements, rarely of scientific cooperation and even less of research
in the humanities and social scinces. Yet, by enlightening our ways of
thinking, social organizations and practices, human sciences are of particular
importance in a globalized and interconnected society.
and France have long collaborated in humanities and social sciences research
programs. These projects are as varied as the disciplines grouped under this
heading. Archaeology and anthropology, as well as sociology, linguistics and
philology, are highlighted here. Whether studying the Java man or contemporary
religious movements, the common object of this research is to attempt to grasp
the multiplicity of ways of living and of thinking that exist or have existed throughout
the  archipelago. It is a matter of
understanding how these collective identities are created and expressed through
a system of representations, values ​​and norms. How they are transmitted,
transformed and replaced by others. The results of this research have many
applications: revitalization of local cultures and traditional crafts,
enhancement of forgotten heritage, development of sustainable economic
opportunities, transformation of educational approaches, etc.
In the
humanities and social sciences, perhaps more than elsewhere, international
cooperation is invaluable. The fruitful confrontation of viewpoints often leads
to the deconstruction of concepts that were once thought universal and to their
reconstruction to a higher level of rigor.
richness of the Franco-Indonesian cooperation in the humanities and social
sciences deserved to be highlighted. The IFI and the EFEO are therefore pleased
to announce the opening of the lecture series "Man, territories and societies", dedicated to Franco-Indonesian
cooperation in the humanities and social sciences.
These conferences will be aimed at the general public as well as academics.
They will present, in accessible terms, the results of a thorough research.
The main
conference cycle will be held in the IFI premises in Jakarta and will be
conducted in English and / or Indonesian to ensure wide accessibility. Some
conferences will be doubled in the provinces.