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Public lecture: The Long Wall of Quảng Ngãi, Cartography and Territory
04 JUNE 19
Archaeologist Federico Barocco presents the results of his work mapping the Long Wall and its territory, following the traces of the cartographers who preceded him.
A surprising number of old maps mark the line of the wall, including maps in Chinese characters from the Nguyễn dynasty, maps in French from the colonial period, American military maps drawn during the war and, most recently, maps in Vietnamese. On all these maps, the wall appears and disappears according to the political agendas of the men who drew them.
Federico Barocco is a research affiliate at the Institute of Archaeology and a member of the team researching the wall led by the EFEO and the Institute of Archaeology. The lecture is organsed by the EFEO at the French Institute of Hanoi - l'Espace to mark the Long Wall's bicentenary.