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Conférence: Véronique DEGROOT
28 MARS 18
Conférencier: Dr. Véronique Degroot
(Rechercheur et Responsable, EFEO Centre de Jakarta) 

Titre : Small Things Matter: Archaeological Survey of Hindu-Buddhist Sites and Artifactsalong the North Coast of Central Java

Date :le Mercredi, 28 Mars 2018, à 14h. 
Lieu : Auditorium,Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum,Chiayi  

Résumé :
In Indonesia – as in many places in world, archaeologists tend to focus on the largest sites, on what they call centers of civilization. These sites are undoubtedly
impressive and appealing to the scientist and the general public, as well as to
local authorities – who often want to showcase archaeological sites for
tourists. But what history are we writing if we look only at royal centers and
neglect peripheral areas? How do we even put a kingdom on a map? Small outlying
sites actually matter. They give us another perspective and help us understand
the cultural history of a country, not only that of its capital.

This talk presents a research in progress. It focuses on the preliminary results of the
first large-scale archaeological survey along the north coast of Central Java.
From beaches to mountain peaks, we will explore some of the earliest
Hindu-Buddhist sites of Central Java as well as remains of the Majapahit era
and examples of cultural blending between the Hindu and megalithic traditions.
We will also show how, by putting small discoveries on a map – a pedestal here,
a statue there – we can actually get a picture of the occupation of the territory
during the Hindu-Buddhist period and see cultural centers emerging and waning
in turn. 

- Centre de Taipei de l'EFEO
- Musée National du Palais   

La Conférence sera donnée en anglais 

Avec le soutien du bureau français à Taipei (BFT)