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Conférence : Céline KERFANT
Conférencier: Ms.  Céline KERFANT (doctorant, Quaternary and Prehistory, University Rovira I Virgili, Tarragonna, Espagne )

Titre: A Comparative Study of Craft Traditions in the Batanes Islands, Philippines and Lanyu Island, Taiwan

Date : le Mardi, 24 octobre 2017, 14h-16h
Lieu : Salle 702, bâtiment de recherche, IHP, Academia Sinica

This ethnobotanical study aims at providing a better knowledge of basketry traditions and plant-based raw materials that were used for this craft in Southeast Asia. Batanes and Lanyu Islands are both isolated contexts and host numerous vegetal taxa, most of which are endemic and can be used as markers of contact. Handicraft is mostly made out of vegetal fibres of specific properties, such as limited length, flexibility, imputrescibility, among others. These fibres are usually prepared through the use of different techniques and are made into containers, nets, ropes, garments, and others, with every kind of production representing a unique knowledge. Creating a reference collection of Ivatan (Batanes Islands) and Yami-Tao (Lanyu Island) present-day handicraft will be useful in identifying and comparing plants and the techniques used for manufacturing ancient handicrafts. Moreover this type of analysis can be applied to archaeological artefacts where botanical microremains—such as anatomical parts, starch grains and phytoliths—may have been preserved.

Organisateurs :
- Research Center on Archaeology of Taiwan and Southeast Asia, IHP, Academia Sinica
- EFEO Centre de Taipei