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Conférence : Béatrice L’HARIDON
03 MAI 17
Conférencier : Béatrice L’HARIDON
(Maître de conférence, LCAO, Université Paris Diderot)

Titre : Biographical Judgment and the Ethics of Self-cultivation (Xiushen)

Date : le Mercredi, 03 mai 2017, à 14h
Lieu : Salle 701, Bâtiment de recherche, IHP, Academia Sinica, Taipei City

Historiography and philosophy are widely considered as two radically distinct domains in the field of scholarship, but if one adopts the viewpoint of the ethics of self-cultivation, biographical judgments, founded on historiography, constitute an important part of philosophy. In fact, two fundamental works in the ethics of self-cultivation, the Analects and the “imitative” Exemplary Figures by Yang Xiong, contain both at least two chapters devoted to biographical judgement of historical figures, past and present. So as to present this specific relationship between biographical judgment and the ethics of self-cultivation, this talk will look into the intellectual links between the Analects, the Grand Scribe’s Records and the Exemplary Figures.

- EFEO Centre de Taipei
- Centre de recherche sur histoire culturelle et intellectuelle, IHP, Academia Sinica

La Conférence sera donnée en chinois et animée par M. HSING I-tien (IHP) Academia Sinica.