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Montage photos d'écrivains et poètes sud-coréens (Copyright Frère Anthony)
Montage photos d'écrivains et poètes sud-coréens (Copyright Frère Anthony)
XXXVIIIe Seoul Colloquium in Korean Studies, Frère Anthony
10 JUIN 21
Le XXXVIIIe Seoul Colloquium in Korean Studies, organisé par le Centre EFEO de Séoul, en collaboration avec la Royal Asiatic Society Seoul Branch, est animé par Frère Anthony, professeur émérite de l’université Sogang et professeur titulaire à l’université Dankook, Séoul, sur le thème : « Traduction en anglais de poésie et fiction coréennes : enquête personnelle ».                                                                                                                                                                                                   Jeudi 10 juin 2021, 18 h00-19 h30 (heure de Séoul), en ligne : s’inscrire auprès du Centre EFEO (, en mentionnant nom, prénom et affiliation afin de recevoir les éléments permettant de se connecter.                                                                     
Translations of Korean poetry and fiction into English were almost unknown until the 1970s. Any study of published translations needs to explore (1) what works / writers were selected; (2) who translated them; (3) where and how the translations were published; (4) how effective the publications were in attracting readers and "globalizing Korean Literature." Brother Anthony has been publishing translations of modern Korean poetry and fiction for more than 30 years, but has recently been focusing more on contemporary fiction. This evening he will talk about these topics, although admitting that he has read very few of the translations he will mention. He will stress that the translations available do not allow students to obtain anything like a full picture or accurate overview of the course of modern Korean literary history. He thinks that in any case literary translation should not be undertaken with the aim of providing material for students. Works of poetry and fiction are not written to be studied but to be read thoughtfully and enjoyed.                                                        Brother Anthony, born in England, has published over 60 volumes, mainly translations of contemporary Korean poetry.
Among his more recent publications are 2 volumes of poetry, "A Letter Not Sent" and "Though flowers fall, I have never forgotten you" and 2 volumes of fiction, "Loving" and "Lonesome Jar," all by Jeong Ho-seung, as well as collections of poetry by Kim Sa-in, Yoo Anjin and Kim Seung-Hee. He is professor Emeritus at Sogang University and Chair-Professor at Dankook University.

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