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COVID19_Annulation du XXXIIIe Seoul Colloquium in Korean Studies_KIM Deog-young
Le XXXIIIe Seoul Colloquium in Korea Studies, organisé par le Centre de l'EFEO à Séoul, en collaboration avec la Royal Asiatic Society, a lieu au Centre de l'EFEO le 27 février. Il est animé par KIM Deog-young, producteur de documentaires TV, écrivain et cinéaste, sur le thème "Two Homes".                                                                          Kim Deog-young: “Two Homes” From 1950 to 1953 one hundred thousand children were orphaned by the Korean War. With no resources to mend the wounds, the two sides, North and South, took different paths to find homes and families for the war orphans. While the children of South Korea were sent to Europe and the United States through 'International Adoption', the children of North Korea were distributed across Eastern Europe through a method called 'Commissioned Education'. As a result, more than five thousand children from the North had to spend nearly a decade living in foreign lands across Eastern Europe. This story is a record of their lives, which has largely been kept hidden from the rest of the world.                                                           

Kim Deog-young A graduate of Sogang University, Kim Deog-Young is a TV documentary producer, a writer and filmmaker. He is above all the Director of the newly completed documentary 'Two Homes,' which is the result of many years of research and filming interviews across the countries of Eastern Europe. He is currently writing a book, 'Once upon a time in North Korea.'

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