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copyright : South Korea/Reuters
copyright : South Korea/Reuters
XXXIe Seoul Colloquium in Korean Studies_GO Myung-Hyun
Le XXXIe Seoul Colloquium in Korea Studies, organisé par le Centre de l'EFEO à Séoul, en collaboration avec la Royal Asiatic Society et l'Asiatic Research Institue de la Korea University, a lieu au Centre de l'EFEO le 7 novembre. Il est animé par GO Myong-Hyun, chercheur à l'Asan Institute for Policy Studies et professeur associé à la Korea University Graduate University Graduate School of Information Security.
  GO Myong-HyunWhat is North Korea’s Goal and Strategy? Starting with the threat to explode a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific Ocean to the “great friendship” between Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump, North Korea’s diplomacy has lurched from one extreme to another. Do the wild swings in North Korea’s external behavior reflect the regime’s inherent instability? Or is there method to this madness? The speaker posits that contrary to the prevailing perception, North Korea is a “hyper-rational actor” that as the weakest country in Northeast Asia is using aggressive rhetoric and actions in measured ways to achieve its strategic objectives. Although constrained by sanctions, North Korea has played a cunning political game with the United States that has placed the country on the cusp of breaking out as a full fledged nuclear state.                                                                                               
 GO Myong-Hyun research fellow at the Asan Institute for Policy Studies and adjunct professor at Korea University Graduate School of Information Security. He is widely cited by the international media on North Korea, with special focus on the economy, sanctions, and the regime’s long term strategy. Dr. Go is a Munich Young Leader of Munich Security Conference 2015, and received his Ph.D. in policy analysis from the Pardee RAND Graduate School.

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