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Jaina idol from Vētūr
Jaina idol from Vētūr
Lecture by Dr. G. Vijayavenugopal (EFEO Centre of Pondicherry)
28 AUGUST 12
Dr. G. Vijayavenugopal will give a lecture on Tuesday 28th August 2012 at 4.30 pm, in the Library Hall of the EFEO Centre of Pondicherry.
Title: Peruṅkātai as source material
Summary: The Peruṅkātai, an important Jain epic written by Koṅkuvēḷir (5th/6th century A.D), throws a significant light on the development of Epics in Tamil, state craft, arts and culture, classicism and of course on the development of Tamil language. This talk is an attempt to determine the historical context of this literary work and to demonstrate that, though it is a translation from Sanskrit, it strives to blend both traditions, although it often draws more on the Tamil tradition.