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Lecture by Victor D'Avella (Doctoral student, University of Chicago)
21 MARCH 12
Victor D'Avella (Doctoral student, Chicago University) will give a lecture on Wednesday 21st of March, at 5 pm, in the Library Hall of the EFEO centre of Pondichéry.
Title: Remarks on Citrakāvya and the Devīśataka of Ānandavardhana
Summary: In this lecture, Victor Davella will first describe the concept of citrakāvya, "flashy poetry", within the framework of the Sanskrit poetological tradition. Next, he will exemplify this type of poetry from Ānandavardhana's Devīśataka, a collection of approximately 100 poems dedicated to the Goddess and containing a wide variety of flashy (citra) poetic ornaments. Finally, he will discuss the role of such poetry within Sanskrit literature and literary circles with a few closing remarks about the parallel genre, cittira-kavi, in Tamil.