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Foundation inscription of the Pallava cave temple in Trichy
Foundation inscription of the Pallava cave temple in Trichy
Lecture by Dr Sylvain Brocquet (Université de Provence)
06 MARCH 12
Dr Sylvain Brocquet will give a lecture in the Pondicherry centre of the EFEO on March 6th, at 4.30 pm, in the library hall.
Title: "Double Entendre in Literature and Inscriptions: a Few Examples"
Summary: The frequent recourse to double entendre in Sanskrit poetry sometimes makes it a little difficult to understand, and the reader needs the help of commentaries in order to solve the problems he meets with. But epigraphical poetry, which has recourse to the same, unfortunately lacks any kind of gloss. One may sometimes wonder whether a stanza or a prose sentence is provided with a double meaning or not. A close comparison with literary parallels and an acute typology of double entendre in court poetry can throw light on some difficult passages and allow a few interpretations which reveal consistent with non epigraphical evidence. The lecture will focus on a few parallels of that kind.