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Devaki Sabkota says her farewells
Devaki Sabkota says her farewells
Departure of Nirajan Kafle and Devaki Sabkota
07 MARCH 16
Nirajan Kafle and Devaki Sabkota, who have been active participants in the intellectual life of the Centre over the past year, left today for the Netherlands. Both have made contributions to the NETamil project, and Nirajan has collated Nepalese manuscripts of the Somaśambhupaddhati for S.A.S. Sarma's edition in progress of the commentary of Trilocana (C12th). Nirajan Kafle is taking up a post-doctoral appointment at the University of Leiden as part of a Dutch project (NWO-funded) directed by Prof. Peter Bisschop which is entitled « From Universe of Viṣṇu to Universe of Śiva ». He will be working there on the Śivadharma corpus, a group of texts about lay Śaiva religious practices and beliefs.