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2nd volume of Pondicherry Inscriptions !
08 JULY 10
Putucceri Mānilakkalvēṭṭukkaḷ. Pondicherry Inscriptions. Part II.

Dr. G. Vijayavenugopal provides a complete English translation of the inscriptions of the territory of Pondicherry and Karaikkal, edited in Part I. The translations represent an attempt to render the nuances of the Tamil syntax of this particular sort of document. Such a volume is something of a landmark: the last volume of South Indian Inscriptions to provide complete translations appeared in 1920-29. A Preface by Emmanuel Francis and Charlotte Schmid explores the form and changing role of the royal eulogy in Tamil that prefaces many Tamil inscriptions. A general introduction, a chapter on language and linguistics and one about the inscriptions as historical source material by Dr. Vijayavenugopal follow this. A glossary, a list of formulaic phrases and several appendices open the corpus up to various potential users.

Translation, appendices, glossary and phrases by G. Vijayavenugopal ;
preface by Emmanuel Francis and Charlotte Schmid ; compiled by Bahour S.
Kuppusamy ; edited and translated by G. Vijayavenugopal, Collection
Indologie n°83.2, IFP/EFEO, 2010, cxlviii, 379 p.

Language: English. 1100 Rs. (48 €)
ISBN (IFP): 978-81-8470-179-1  

ISBN (EFEO): 978-285539-103-8