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« Mahabharata: The Epic tradition in India and South-east Asia », International Conference organised by the Sanskrit Department of the Pondicherry University, the EFEO Centre of Pondicherry, and Université Lyon III Jean Moulin, from 10th to 12th Februa
The affiliation with the University of Pondicherry has strengthened scientific contacts with university researchers. An international three-day conference on the Mahabharata entitled "Mahabharata: The epic tradition in India and South-east Asia" from 10 to 12 February 2014, which was the result of a collaboration between the University of Lyon III, Pondicherry University and EFEO was organized in Pondicherry, at the EFEO and at the Pondicherry University. Valérie Gillet, S.A.S. Sarma et R. Sathyanarayanan from the EFEO presented papers entitled "The Mahabharata and the Pallavas: the spread of the Great Epic in the Tamil-speaking South", « Lord Siva in the guise of Kirata and his son with special reference to the Mahabharata » and « Hells depicted in Mahabharata as in the bas-relief of Angkor Vat: A study in contrast with Saiva sources » respectively; while G. Vijayavenugopal, senior scholar of the EFEO, was invited to give the Valedictory Address.