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Paris, France,

Changes in opening hours and access conditions of the EFEO Paris's library

♦ Readers wishing to consult the collections in the reading room:
From September 21, 2020, the library is open Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm.
Users are invited :
→ To reserve the documents they wish to consult 24 hours in advance from their reader account on the catalog
→ Then to book time slot in the reading room: BOOK TIME SLOT IN THE READING ROOM
Once the daily quota of places has been reached, the date ceases to be selectable in the form.

♦ Readers wishing to borrow documents:
The loan-return service is open to researchers and students who have the right of loan.
Please reserve the documents before Tuesday lunchtime on the library catalog.
Books are available in the library's access corridor on Wednesday of the same week.
Please note that unclaimed documents are returned to the library every Wednesday evening.

It is forbidden to stay in the common areas of the Maison de l'Asie.
Sculpture conservation workshop of the National Museum of Cambodia (EFEO)
Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 29 September 2020
The legs, as well as the base with the feet, of a Krishna Govardhana statue of Phnom Da (Ka 1641) were returned from the Cleveland Museum of Art last August. At the sculpture conservation workshop of the National Museum of Cambodia (EFEO), the first checks and "arm's length" positioning tests are being carried out on each of the legs in turn.
The statue will soon resume its original posture.
Kyoto lectures
Kyoto, Japan, 28 September 2020
As part of the Kyoto lectures, Kameyama Takahiko (University of Kyoto / Ryukoku University) presents: "Articulating Inner Dharma: Development of the Five Viscera Mandala in Japanese Esoteric Buddhism".
At 6 p.m. (Japan time). The conference will be broadcasted online via Zoom and on site at the EFEO Center in Kyoto (limited to 10 auditors upon registration at:
The password for logging in will be posted on the Kyoto Center's blog and ISEAS websites the day before.
Research Seminar
Paris, France, 25 September 2020
As part of the research program "Essais 'au fil du pinceau' (zuihitsu) à l’époque d’Edo (XVIIe-XIXe s.) : recueils de réflexions et d’observations sur le passé et le présent des savants japonais (pré-) modernes" [Miscellaneous ‘running brush’ Essays (zuihitsu) in the Edo period (17th-19th c.). ): collections of reflections and observations on the past and present of (pre-)modern Japanese scholars], Christophe Marquet gives a communication on "The notion of "essay of critical reflection through evidence" (kōshō zuihitsu 考証随筆) through the case of the painter-writer Santo Kyoden, alias Kitao Masanobu (1761-1816)".

See the poster
4th lecture of the 'Kitashirakawa EFEO Salon'
Kyoto, France, 25 September 2020
As part of the Kitashirakawa EFEO Salon, the 4th lecture of the 2019-2020 cycle is presented by Gaétan Rappo (Kyoto University / EFEO) on the topic: "Esoteric Buddhism of the Muromachi period and secular benefits (genze riyaku): reflection on the Dakiniten mandalas" (in Japanese without translation).

Learn more about it READ MORE