The Jakarta Library

Jakarta Library

Ecole française d'Extrême-Orient

Jl. Ampera III no.26 Kemang
Jakarta Selatan 12550, INDONESIA
Tel. & fax : + 62 21 781 14 76
ou + 62 21 781 47 85


The Jakarta library houses the acquisitions made by EFEO's Bandung branch between 1969 and 1990, as well those made by the Jakarta Centre since 1978. The library contains approximately 8 000 volumes in Indonesian, French, Dutch and English, and around twenty current local and foreign periodicals. The main fields covered are literature, philology, linguistics, history, archaeology, ethnography and religion.

The library's holdings have featured in the SUDOC catalogue since 2005.

Conditions of use and opening times

From Monday to Friday, 8.00 am to 4.00 pm

  • Closed on public holidays
  • Free membership on presentation of ID and photograph (obligatory)
  • Publications cannot be removed from the library
The Jakarta centre
Head: Hélène Njoto

École française d'Extrême-Orient
Jl. Ampera III no.26
Jakarta Selatan 12550
Tel/fax +62 21 781 14 76
+62 21 781 47 85

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Intensive course in Old Javanese
Indonesia, 13 June 2014
An academic retreat lasting 15 days attended by about 20 students who will be guided in intensive manner by 3 specialists of Old Javanese philology. The program will take place in typical Javanese natural surroundings while the learning experience will be enriched by excursions to vestiges of ancient Hindu and Buddhist civilization in East Java READ MORE
Lecture on Glassware in Southeast Asia
France, Paris, 10 January 2013
Lecture by Daniel Perret on "Glassware in Southeast Asia (end of the first millennium to the 15th centuries". READ MORE
Lecture on the history of Buddhism in Indonesia
Indonesia, Jakarta, 05 December 2012
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Lecture by Arlo Griffiths on the topic "Inscriptions avec mantra et dhâranî comme clé pour éclaircir l'histoire du bouddhisme en Indonésie [Inscriptions with mantra and dhâranî as a key to shedding light on the history of Buddhism in Indonesia]". READ MORE