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The 22nd Classical Tamil Winter Seminar (CTWS)
The 22nd Classical Tamil Winter Seminar (CTWS)

We are happy to announce the upcoming 22nd Classical Tamil Winter Seminar (CTWS), scheduled for two weeks, from 12th to 23rd February 2024. The event will be hosted at the Pondicherry Centre of the École française d'Extrême-Orient (EFEO).

Week 1: Exploration of Maimēkalai
In the initial week, our focus will be on delving into Chapter VI of the Maṇimēkalai, specifically the captivating Cakkaravāḷakkōṭṭuraitta kātai. This segment intricately unfolds the renowned depiction of burial grounds and the associated customs observed on the outskirts of Pukār.

Week 2: Śaiva Devotional Songs from the 11th Tirumuai
The subsequent week will be dedicated to the exploration of various Śaiva devotional songs from the 11th Tirumuṟai, thoughtfully selected by Indra Manuel.

Program Format
The workshop will follow our usual format, featuring a double morning session characterized by the exposition of the text complemented by repetition exercises conducted by the students. Additionally, a couple of parallel reading sessions will be organised during the afternoons.

Who Should Attend?
We extend a warm welcome to participants possessing at least basic knowledge of the classical Tamil language.

For further details and registration, please contact Eva Wilden with copy to Prerana Patel.

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