Daoism: Religion, History and Society 6 (2014)
Daoism: Religion, History and Society 6 (2014)
Lai (Chi Tim), Verellen (Franciscus)

Collection : Daoism: Religion, History and Society
Numéro de collections : 6
Langue : English and Chinese
Lieu d'édition : Hong Kong
Support : Paper
Editeur : The Chinese University of Hong Kong / EFEO
Prix (Euros) : 0
Etat : Check with publisher
Distributeur : Chinese University Press

Description :
Hong Kong : Zhong wen da xue chu ban she / Chinese University Press, 2014, 432 p.

Table des Matières :
Special Issue on Changing Fate in Daoism
- Editor’s Note 編者言
- Barbara Hendrischke / Options for Molding Ming (Fate) in the Scripture on Great Peace  
- Robert Ford Campany / The Sword Scripture: Recovering and Interpreting a Lost 4th-Century Daoist Method for Cheating Death  

- Terry F. Kleeman / The Performance and Significance of the Merging the Pneumas (Heqi) Rite in Early Daoism  

- Michael Stanley-Baker / Drugs, Destiny, and Disease in Medieval China: Situating Knowledge in Context  

- Fabrizio Pregadio / Destiny, Vital Force, or Existence? On the Meanings of Ming in Daoist Internal Alchemy and Its Relation to Xing or Human Nature  

- Vincent Goossaert / Modern Daoist Eschatology: Spirit-Writing and Elite Eschatology in Late Imperial China  

- Stephen R. Bokenkamp / Research Note: Buddhism in the Writings of Tao Hongjing  

Article 論文
Xun Liu / Physicians, Quanzhen Daoist, and Folk Cult of the Sage of Medicine in Nanyang, 1540s-1950s  

Review Article 研究綜述
謝一峰 / 南宋道教研究述評  

Book Reviews 書評
- Yuria Mori / Ritual Words: Daoist Liturgy and the Confucian Liumen Tradition in Sichuan Province, by Volker Olles  

- Michael Stanley-Baker / Declarations of the Perfected. Part One: Setting Scripts and Images into Motion, by Thomas E. Smith

- 許蔚 / 謝聰輝著,《新天帝之命:玉皇、梓潼與飛鸞》  

- 張超然 / 謝世維著,《大梵彌羅:中古時期道教經典當中的佛教》  

- 許蔚 / 蓋建民著,《道教金丹派南宗考論:道派、歷史、文獻與思想綜合研究》

- 李龢書 / 劉屹著,《敦煌道經與中古道教》  

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