Online publications

- Lagrée Stéphane, J.-P.Cling, M.Razafindrakoto, F.Roubaud (eds.), 2009, Les Journées de Tam Dao. Stratégies de réduction de la pauvreté : approches méthodologiques et transversales, Editions The Gioi, Hanoi. (French version, fichier PDF 4MB), 399 p. (Vietnamese version, fichier PDF 9MB).

- Lagrée Stéphane (Ed.), 2008, Les Journées de Tam Dao. Nouvelles approches méthodologiques appliquées au développement (2), Editions The Gioi, Hanoi, 399 p. (French version, PDF file 17 888 ko), 350 p. (Vietnamese version, PDF file 14 861 ko).

- Lagrée Stéphane (Ed.), 2008, Les Journées de Tam Dao. Nouvelles approches méthodologiques appliquées au développement, Editions The Gioi, Hanoi, 348 p. (French version, PDF file 4 244 ko), 350 p. (Vietnamese version, PDF file 4 620 ko).

- Kuo Liying, « Inscriptions on "Stone Banners" (shichuang): Text and Context », Actes du colloque Chinese Epigraphical Documents: Projects and Perspectives, édité par Takata Tokio, Institut de recherches de sciences humaines (Jimbun kagaku kenkyujo), Université de Kyoto (, p. 37-51 (10 photos).

- Inventory of monuments at Pagan (fp6)

The inventory of monuments at Pagan in 8 volumes is a UNESCO-EFEO co-publication (see catalogue). It is a database which is designed to facilitate targeted research on the Pagan monuments, and does not include plans or photographs.

The database was developed using FileMaker Pro.
Download the database onto your hard disk, and open it using the programme.

- Chercheurs d'Asie : a biographical directory of the scientific members of the EFEO.

- " L'Entrée dans la montagne ou l'approche renouvelée du fait religieux au Japon " (pdf 200 ko).

This is an enhanced and reworked version of the presentation given at the "Text and Field Studies in Asia" seminar organized to celebrate the centenary of the EFEO, Paris, 4-5 December, 2000.

New publication
Paris, France,

À l'ombre du palmier à sucre
Les campagnes cambodgiennes sous protectorat français à travers l'exemple de Kampong Thom

Mathieu Guérin

New publication
Paris, France,

Arts Asiatiques 77 (2022), École française d'Extrême-Orient, Paris, 2022, 180 pages.

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Photographic exhibition ''Louis Finot et le Yunnan''
Paris, France,

The photographic exhibition "Louis Finot et le Yunnan" is installed on the first floor of the EFEO until the end of December 2022.
Some fifty photographs present the trip that Louis Finot probably undertook in the 1920s to Yunnan fou (now Kunming). These photographs are a selection of those presented by Alain Arrault in the photographic album Mémoires de Chine (EFEO/Magellan, 2022).
The writing of Mémoires de Chine also allowed to provide information on the 850 stereoscopic glass plates of the Louis Finot collection taken in China. These pictures have just been put online on the photo library website.
New Publication

The Sumatipañjikā. A Commentary on Cāndravyākaraṇavṛtti 1.1 and 1.4Ramhari Timalsina, Collection Indologie 153,  Pondichéry : EFEO / IFP, 446 pages.

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