The Traditional Kerala Manor
The Traditional Kerala Manor
Achitecture of a South Indian Cathusala House
Schildt (Henri)

Collection : Collection Indologie
Numéro de collections : CI 117
Langue : English
Lieu d'édition : Pondicherry
Support : Paper
Editeur : EFEO / Institut français de Pondichéry (IFP)
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Description :
Pondichéry, EFEO/IFP. 2012. 474 p.
Résumé :
This Work describes the feudal late medieval high-caste Kerala house. It lays particular emphasis upon the so-called `four-house’ mansion, called catuhsala in Sanskrit and nalukettu in Malayam, the vernacular of Kerala. This palatial kind of mansion is regarded as ritually `complete’ and, as such, appropriate ― according to local Sankrit treatise on architecture ―, to the feudal clergy, royalty and aristocracy. The work describes the architecture of thirty historic houses of this type, highlighting their relation to Sanskritic architectural theory and to brahminical codes of daily life and ritual. It concludes with an attempt to present an overview of the notion of the architectural and ritual space of these houses as a microcosm.
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