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Seminar: Judith Pernin
04 JUNE 18
Speaker:Dr. Judith Pernin (Post-doctoral researcher, French School of Asian Studies, EFEO)

Documentary Films on Protests in Taiwan and Hong Kong after the 1990s: Contexts, Practices and Aesthetics

Date: Monday, June 4 2018. 2:30 p.m.
Venue: Room 802, Institute of sociology, Academia Sinica, Taipei

Many scholars have noted strong parallels between recent protest
movements in Hong Kong and Taiwan, especially during the 2014 Sunflower
and Umbrella occupations. Recent developments in both territories have
spurred comparable modes of protests reflected in slogans, artworks, and
film and video productions. In Taiwan, this political creativity is the
legacy of film groups such as the Green Team which were already voicing
their views on Taiwan politics slightly before the ending of the
Martial Law. With the gradual democratization of Taiwan, protest
movements were well-represented in local documentary productions in the
1990s and the 2000s, bringing to the fore the specificities of the
Taiwanese society and the varied political aspirations of its people. In
Hong Kong, independent filmmakers have more recently started to record
grassroots movements demanding greater democratic rights and report on
or advocate or various issues ranging from environmental concerns and
the preservation of local cultures, to opposition to land redevelopment
and large infrastructure projects.
What is the evolving role of independent documentary images in fostering and
representing these movements in Taiwan and Hong Kong since the 1990s? Do
specific political contexts create different ways of showing socialmovements, or is there a common aesthetics of protests in recent Taiwan and Hong Kong documentary films?
Based on film analyses and fieldwork research conducted in Taiwan and Hong Kong, this paper aims at contrasting the history, practices and aesthetics of documentaries on protest movements in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Organizers :- EFEO Taipei Center- Institute of sociology, Academia Sinica