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Seminar: Michela BUSSOTTI
07 MAY 18
Speaker: Michela BUSSOTTI (Associate Professor, École Française d’Extrême-Orient)

Title:  Printing in China and in Europe: Technical Transmissions and Unfinished Cultural Exchanges seen in the case of Mateo Ripa (1682-1746) and the Chinese College  

Date: Moday, May 07 2018, 2 p.m.  
Venue: 4 F, Conference Room, Library Building, National Palace Museum

The etchings of the 36 views of Chengde’s Summer Palace are amongst the print masterworks produced at the Qing court. In this set, the prints made from metal plates by Matteo Ripa (1682-1746) are particularly well-known because it was a first trial to print using the western method in China, and this has gather much attention nowadays from experts of cultural exchanges and global history.

We come back to this very example in order to demonstrate how the history of these prints’ making is told differently in Chinese and western sources, but also by using Italian sources and their translations thereof. We will also discuss the making of the Chinese empire map’s on metal plate etched by the missionary, and especially a printed copy he brought back to Europe containing several notices to help read the map as wellas explaining the etching technique employed.

Finally, we will present the attempt to publish in Rome an edition of a Latin – Chinese
dictionary for which Matteo Ripa was called to contribute – this project remain
unfinished. Meanwhile in Naples, the cutting of several Chinese woodblocks has
been undertaken to honour a local figure. In fact, when Matteo Ripa returned
from China, he established the Chinese College, an institution meant to train
young Chinese to become missionaries when they return to their country.
Publication and editing efforts were carried out there afterwards but were left
unfinished, and the city was left behind from becoming a publishing centre to
the burgeoning discipline of Sinology in Europe.

-National Palace Museum
-Centre de Taipei de l'EFEO

The Talk will be given in Chinese 

With the support of National Palace Museum(NPM)