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Seminar: Véronique DEGROOT
27 MARCH 18
Speaker: Dr. Véronique Degroot, Researcher and Head, Jakarta Center, French School of Asian Studies(EFEO)

Title : Towards an Archaeology of Religion in Ancient Java: The Ritual Deposits from Candi Kimpulan

Date : Tuesday, March 27 2018, 3:00p.m. 
Venue : 7F, Conference Room, Hsiu-Chi Building, Guangfu Campus, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan  

Abstract :
On December the 11th 2009, a small temple was unearthed on the construction
of the new library of the Universitas Islam Negeri in Yogyakarta.
Within the temple, several stone boxes and more than fifteen bronze pots
containing a variety of small objects (glass beads, gold foil etc.)
were found. These are remnants of an ancient Hindu ritual, known from
Indian texts but rarely found in situ. We will examine the Kimpulan
discovery and try to understand how far it fits with textual
descriptions and what it might actually tell about Hinduism in ancient

- Institute of Archaeology, National Cheng Kung University
- EFEO Taipei Center   

With the support of the French Office in Taipei (BFT)