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Seminar: Véronique DEGROOT
26 MARCH 18
Speaker : Dr. Véronique Degroot, Researcher and Head, Jakarta Center, French School of Asian Studies(EFEO)
Title : Structure of the Territory in Ancient Central Java: An Archaeological

Date :Monday, March 26 2018, 3:00p.m. 
Venue :Room 703, Research Building, IHP, Academia Sinica, Taipei
Abstract :From the 8th to the 10th century, Central Java was the epicenter of one of
Southeast Asia’s most powerful polity. The kingdom of Mataram has left us
magnificent vestiges, such as the Buddhist stūpa of Borobudur and the Hindu
temple of Prambanan. Yet, very little is known about the extent and organization of
its territory. While certain authors have presented it as a wide and centralized state,
other tend to think of Mataram as a loose mandala kingdom or even a theater-state.
I propose to scrutinize data from the inscriptions and confront it with results from
an extensive archaeological survey to draw a state of the art of the question.  

-EFEO Taipei Center 
-Research Center for Archaeology of Taiwan and Southeast Asia, Institute of History andPhilology, Academia Sinica

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