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Seminar: Pierre-Yves MANGUIN
22 JUNE 17
Speaker: Pierre-Yves Manguin (Professor Emeritus, EFEO)

Title : The Emergence of State and Cities in Insular Southeast Asia: the Birth of Srivijaya

Date : le Jeudi, 22 June 2017, à 15h Venue : Auditorium 26302, 3F, Hsiu-cui Building, Guangfu Campus, National Cheng Kung University

Archaeological research in southeast Sumatra during the past two decades has brought to light a considerable amount of new data regarding the state formation process that resulted in the late 7th century CE foundation of the Srivijaya polity. Contrary to the process illustrated in early studies, but confirming Oliver Wolters’ “favoured coast” hypothesis, it is now apparent that proto-historic settlements, some of them possibly proto-urban, had developed in both the Jambi and Musi river basins centuries before the birth of Srivijaya. Sizeable settlement sites have been identified downstream from Palembang, not far from the present day coastline, some of which appear to have been referred to in Chinese sources in the 5th and 6th centuries and to have adopted Indic religions and language. Based on the new data, it is possible now to offer a renewed view of the birth of Srivijaya. The image that emerges from these various considerations is that of a complex, long-term, multi-factor process of state formation, during which Indianisation, urbanisation, religion and trade – both inland and overseas – played critical roles.

Organizers: - Institute of Archaeology, National Cheng Kung University
- EFEO Centre de Taipei

The Conference will be given in English and animated by Prof. Liu I-ch'ang
With the support of the French Office in Taipei (BFT)