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A genealogy from overseas found by Claudine Salmon and Paola Calanca
In November 2014, Claudine Salmon (CNRS/EHESS) and Paola Calanca (Directress of the Taipei Centre of the EFEO) went to Xiamen to conduct field research . It was, among other things, to find the ancestral temple of the Li clan in the village of Gangkou, Xiamen (located a few miles southeast of the campus of Xiamen University, by the sea), some of those members had, during the late Ming, emigrated to Malacca (Malaysia), while others were directed to Makassar (Sulawesi ) in the late eighteenth and especially in the nineteenth century, and to meet the descendants of this family. Claudine Salmon arrived with a copy of the genealogy of the Li which had been delivered by the head of the ancestral temple " Guangyu tang 光裕堂"of the branch of the Li in Makassar: Fujian sheng quanzhou fu tong an xian jiahe li ershi’er du zengxi bao suide xiang gangkou she guangyu tang li shi zupu 福建省泉州府同安县嘉禾里二十二都曾溪保绥德乡港口社光裕堂李氏族谱. It says that the tang Gangkou tang of Guangyu was founded in the last decades of the seventeenth century with the money sent by the Ming loyalist Li Weijing 李为经 (1614-1688), captain of the Chinese community in Malacca, who had fled in 1644. ...

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