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歌川 芳豊《痲疹まじなひの弁》 (都立中央図書館特別文庫室所蔵)
歌川 芳豊《痲疹まじなひの弁》 (都立中央図書館特別文庫室所蔵)
Aspects of Lived Religion in Late Medieval and Early Modern Japan
The French School of Asian Studies (EFEO), the Italian School of East Asian Studies (ISEAS), and the Institute for Research in Humanities (Kyoto University) are organizing a workshop to conclude the Kitashirakawa EFEO Salon, a series of lectures on  Japanese religions held from 2018 to 2020.  

The workshop will take place on-site, at the EFEO Kyoto center, and online via Zoom on November 13 (from 10 AM JST). The eight talks, seven in English and one in Japanese, aim at uncovering aspects of "lived religion" (or religion in practice) in late medieval & early modern Japan (16th to 19th c.) using innovative approaches and/or neglected primary sources. The speakers cover different religious traditions (Zen, Pure Land, Shingon, Shugendo, "folk" beliefs, and Christianity). The Cahiers d'Extrême-Asie will publish a special issue based on the contributions presented during the workshop.  

Prior registration, on-site or online, is required. Please send an email to Due to the pandemic situation, the on-site participation will be limited to 20 people.

You can download the abstracts on the following link.

Aspects of Lived Religion in Late Medieval and Early Modern Japan

Kitashirakawa EFEO Salon – Final Workshop  


Saturday, November 13, 2021  10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

@ the EFEO/ISEAS Center of Kyoto (+ on Zoom)

29 Kitashirakawa Bettō-chō, Sakyō-ku, Kyoto  

Organizers: Martin Nogueira Ramos, Gaétan Rappo & Suzuki Kenkō

Institutions: EFEO, ISEAS & Institute for Research in Humanities (Kyoto University)  


10:00 Opening Remarks           

Panel 1. Esoteric & Zen Buddhism  

10:15 Esoteric Buddhism and This-worldly Benefits: Some thoughts on Dakiniten Mandala (Muromachi Period)

Gaétan Rappo (Doshisha University)

10:45 The Preaching of the Manuals: Kana hōgo and the Popular Perception of Zen Doctrines in Early Modern Japan

Didier Davin (National Institute of Japanese Literature)  

11:15 Panel Discussion

11:30 Coffee Break

Panel 2. Shugendō

11:45 The Historical Strata of the Cult to Sanbō Kōjin in the Scrolls of the Blacksmith God: An Exploration of the Legends Surrounding Mount Gassan and Shugendō in the Edo Period  

[in Japanese]

Suzuki Kenkō (Kyoto Seika University)  


12:15 The Presence of the Absence: Yudonosan Religious Confraternities and Their Material Culture (Edo Period)

Andrea Castiglioni (Nagoya City University)


12:45 Panel Discussion


13:00 Lunch Break


Panel 3. Christianity/Kirishitan  

14:00 Toward a Microhistory of Japanese Christianity under the Ban - A Study of the Second Stage of Repression in Shimabara Domain (1625-1630)

Martin Nogueira Ramos (EFEO)


14:30 Practitioners of the Proscribed Creed: Gender and Motive in the 1827 Kyoto-Osaka Kirishitan Incident

Miyazaki Fumiko (Keisen University)  


15:00 Panel Discussion  


15:15 Coffee Break  


Panel 4.  Religion and Secrecy

15:30 Secret Spaces for Amida. The Function of Hidden Space in Rituals and their Doctrinal Background (Edo Period)

Markus Rüsch (Ryukoku University)  

16:00 Wise Blood and Loca Sacra: Buddhism and Vernacular Religion in Modern and Contemporary Tōhoku

François Lachaud (EFEO)

16:30 Panel Discussion  

16:45 Open/informal discussion

Download (Abstract, program, poster)

Prior registration is required for on-site or online participation

Maximum capacity on-site: 20 people

(For students and scholars)