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京都レクチャー (英語セミナー) 近代の中の古代

講演タイトル 近代の中の古代
The Archaic in the Modern. Orikuchi Shinobu on Man'yō Japan and the Ryukyus

Speaker: Chiara Ghidini

2月27日月曜日 18時開始
京都大学吉田本部キャンパス内 人文科学研究所 1階セミナー室1にて

主催 フランス国立極東学院 イタリア東方学研究所 共催 京都大学人文科学研究所

This talk aims to investigate how writer, poet and folklorist Orikuchi Shinobu
(1887-1953) attempted on re-enacting antiquity (kodai) in early 20th-century
Japan, both through essays and fiction. Also, it will emphasise the social and
cultural orientations of his time and shed light on his (un?)scholarly
approach, in between mysticism and anthropology, to use the definition
historian Momigliano applied to Swiss jurist and philologist Johann Jakob
Bachofen, whose works Orikuchi probably gained access to through his readings
of James Frazer and Okinawan researcher Sakima Kōei.
In crafting his vision of Japanese antiquity, Orikuchi was inspired by theories related to
the search for ancestral origins, the need to preserve and revive oral
transmission, and the crucial role supposedly played by women in the ritual
“everyday life” of a remote, almost mythical, past. Lamenting the lack of
belief in contemporary Japan, he located the site where the "cultural
principles" of such an envisioned kodai were still being reproduced and
perpetuated in the Ryukyus, by then formally annexed to Japan and mostly
included within Okinawa Prefecture.

Chiara Ghidini is Lecturer in East Asian Religions at the University of Naples
“L’Orientale”. She received her PhD from the University of Cambridge. Her
dissertation dealt with Orikuchi Shinobu’s Book of the Dead and the
(re-)construction of antiquity in modern Japan. She is presently working on the
Ryūkyū Shintō ki, recorded by the Pure Land Buddhist priest Taichū shōnin
(1552-1639) at the request of court officials. She is also involved in an
interdisciplinary research project aimed to produce a cultural history of
mental illness in Taiwan.


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