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Seminar: Conservation and Renovation of Architecture in Japan 2
Guest: Manuel TARDITS

December 11, 2015 from 18:00
@EFEO Kyoto

Lanuage: English and Japanese

During the 20th Century, Japan has experienced a quick and intense
modernization and transformed under the impulse of new economic and
cultural paradigms. For more than a century, the architecture built in
Japan has evolved integrating new technologies, new forms, and new
ideas. In the meanwhile, architecture, ways of living, techniques, forms
and uses of traditional spaces have been partially preserved and
 After this high economical and urban growth, since the
beginning of the 21st Century, Japanese society has probably entered
into a new paradigm. The deindustrialization, the economical slow down,
the population decline, environmental and ecological issues have
modified the way to conceive architecture. We can notice that, during
this time of "crisis," new possibilities of renovating the heritage of
ancient and modern architecture have developed. Even the concepts of
conservation and renovation are transforming and the practice of
architecture and urbanism is evolving.
 In this monthly seminar, we
give the word to theoreticians and practitioners who enquiry on the way
of building new spaces from the heritage of the actual Japanese
architecture and city.

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