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ผลงานตีพิมพ์ใหม่ของ Peter Skilling ใน Buddhist Dynamics in Premodern and Early Modern Southeast Asia
13 JULY 15
ผลงานตีพิมพ์ใหม่ของ Peter Skilling: "An Untraced Buddhist Verse Inscription from (Pen)insular Southeast Asia." In D. Christian Lammerts (ed.). Buddhist Dynamics in Premodern and Early Modern Southeast Asia. Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, pp. 18-79.

บทความอื่นๆ ภายในเล่ม:
1. Introduction, by D Christian Lammerts
2. An Untraced Buddhist Verse Inscription from (Pen)insular Southeast Asia, by Peter Skilling
3. How Many Monks? Quantitative and Demographic Archaeological Approaches to Buddhism in Northeast Thailand and Central Laos, Sixth to Eleventh Centuries CE, by Stephen Murphy
4. Miniature Stūpas and a Buddhist Sealing from Candi Gentong, Trowulan, Mojokerto, East Java, by Titi Surti Nastiti
5. A Bronze Hoard from Muara Kaman, Kutei, by E Edwards McKinnon
6. Re-exploring the Buddhist "Foundation Deposits" at Chedi Chula Prathon, Nakhon Pathom, by Nicolas Revire
7. Aspects of Buddhism in Tenth-Century Cambodia, by Hiram W Woodward
8. Revisiting the Cult of "Śiva-Buddha" in Java and Bali, by Andrea Acri
9. Building a Buddhist Monarchy in Đại Việt: Temples and Texts under Lý Nhân-tông (r.1072-1127), by John K Whitmore
10. Sīhaḷa Saṅgha and Laṅkā in Later Premodern Southeast Asia, by Anne M Blackburn
11. Dynamics of Monastic Mobility and Networking in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-century Upper Burma, by Alexey Kirichenko
12. Buddhist Diplomacy: Confrontation and Political Rhetoric in the Exchange of Letters between King Alaungmintaya and King Banya Dala of Pegu (1755 -56), by Jacques P Leider
13. Court Buddhism in Thai-Khmer Relations during the Reign of King Rama IV (King Mongkut), by Santi Pakdeekham