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Digitization of Northern Thai manuscripts January 30-February 4, 2011
The goal of this mission was to find some rare texts mentioned in catalogs and lists of the University of Chiang Mai, about twenty years ago, and left in situ in the monasteries. Of the four monasteries visited only two collections have met our expectations: in Wat Mongkhon-nimit and in Wat Matukaram in Mae Ai district's northernmost province of Chiang Mai, located 170 km from the regional capital. These two monasteries are the 40th and the 41st field sites of our project in Northern Thailand.
Our survey in Chiang Dao was unsuccessful: almost no chronicle was found in the large library of Wat Si Don Chai (spared by a recent fire in a nearby kuti) while the head of Wat Si Sai Mun - in which we hoped to find a single and mysterious title (the Tamnan Mueang Tuan) - informed us that there were no more manuscripts in his monastery.

This mission allowed us to digitize, however, among others, two unknown titles (040 001 and 040 002) and two versions of the very rare Tamnan Chom Hom, only three copies of which have been identified.

40. WAT MONGKHONNIMIT (Mae Ai, Chiang Mai)
040 001    Tamnan Si Thom Khom, ตำนานศรีทอมคอม
040 002    Tamnan Mueang Phiang Dao, ตำนานเมืองเพียงดาว
040 003    Ya Khwan Khao, ย่าขวัญข้าว

41. WAT MATUKARAM (Mae Ai, Chiang Mai)
041 001    Tamnan Chom Hot, ตำนานจอมหด
041 002    Tamnan Chom Hot, ตำนานจอมหด
041 003    Phahiyanipphan, พาหิยนิพพาน
041 004    Abhidhamma Kankae, อภิธรรมการแก้