The catalog of EFEO Publications, running to some 600 titles, includes works on a wide range of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences (archaeology, history, anthropology, literature, philology, etc.), centered on Asia, from India to Japan. These publications address both specialists, and a wider public interested in Asian civilizations and societies.

Several EFEO series bridge the various disciplines represented by the institution and its academic partners, and present the fruits of their on-site research in Asia:

  • "Monographies" (Monographs)
  • "Etudes thématiques" (Thematic Studies), results of collaborative research projects, conference proceedings, collections, etc.
  • "Mémoires archéologiques" (Archaeological Reports), works covering archaeology and the history of art and architecture
  • "Textes et documents sur l'Indochine" (Indochinese Texts and Documents), a series of original texts (epigraphic, literary, etc.) from Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam
  • "Réimpressions" (Reprints), facsimiles or republications of standard works or articles from EFEO series that are out of print.

Several other series, published by the EFEO Centers in Asia, complete the School publication program.

Occasional publications include reference works and dictionaries.

The EFEO in addition publishes five scholarly journals on an annual or twice-yearly basis:

Changes in opening hours of the library from 4 to 13 July
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A stocktaking of the library is scheduled for 4 Jul 2016 - 13 Jul 2016.
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New Publication

Urban Life in China, 15th-20th centuries
Communities, Institutions, Representations

Edited by Luca Gabbiani

New publication

The Archaeology of Bhakti II
Royal Bhakti, Local Bhakti
New publication

Daoism : Religion, History and Society 7 (2015). Special Issue on Scriptures of Lüzu and Spirit-Writing Altars in the Qing 特輯: 呂祖道經與清代乩壇 READ MORE
New publication

The story of Lục Vân Tiên, commented publication of an illuminated manuscript READ MORE