Daoism: Religion, History and Society 8 (2016)
Daoism: Religion, History and Society 8 (2016)
Goossaert Vincent et Verellen Franciscus, éd.

Collection : Daoism: Religion, History and Society
Numéro de collections : 8
Langue : Anglais et chinois
Lieu d'édition : Hong Kong
Support : Papier
Editeur : The Chinese University of Hong Kong / EFEO
Prix (Euros) : 0
Etat : Se renseigner auprès de l'éditeur
Distributeur : Chinese University Press

Description :
Hong Kong : Zhong wen da xue chu ban she / Chinese University Press, 2016
Table des Matières :
Daoist Lives: Narrative and Practice

Preface 前言
Franciscus Verellen and Vincent Goossaert

道門生活敘述 Daoist Narratives

Sisters of the Blood: The Lives behind the Xie Ziran Biography
Stephen R. Bokenkamp

Daoist Modes of Perception: “Registering” the Living Manifestations of Sire Thunder, and Why Zhuang Zi is Relevant
Mark Meulenbeld

Narrative daoqing, the Legend of Han Xiangzi, and the Good Life in the Han Xiangzi jiudu Wengong daoqing quanben
Wilt L. Idema

道教戒律與實踐 Precepts and Practice

Cultivating Conduct and Establishing Merit: Pursuing the Good Life in Early Daoism
Terry Kleeman

Lu Xiujing (406–477) on Daoist Practice: Ten Lessons in The Way and its Virtue
Franciscus Verellen

Tracing Back Wang Changyue’s Precepts for Novices in the History of Daoism
Yuria Mori

Writing as a Threshold between the Worlds: Glyphomancy in China
Brigitte Baptandier

書評Book Reviews

James A. Benn, Demonic Warfare: Daoism, Territorial Networks, and the History of a Ming Novel, by Mark R. E. Meulenbeld

Adeline Herrou, Quanzhen Daoists in Chinese Society and Culture, 1500–2010, edited by Xun Liu and Vincent Goossaert

張鵬 / 柏夷著,《道教研究論集》

曹凌 / 姜守誠著,《出土文獻與早期道教》
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